Watch Repair and Maintenance

J.C.’s Jewelers provides watch service and routine maintenance to protect your timepiece from the inevitable wear and tear that comes with frequent use. Some of the many services we provide are as follows:

Batteries Replacement

We provide low-cost battery replacement for the life of the watch. As part of the battery replacement process, we perform a water resistance test to identify any leaks that need fixing.

Modifications and Resizing

No matter where you bought your watch, the experts at J.C.’s Jewelry can make it fit perfectly on your wrist.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Your watch band will sparkle after being cleaned by our cutting-edge machinery.

Strap/Chain Replacement

J.C.’s Jewelry has several different kinds of bracelet and strap replacements. Our service staff is happy to take custom orders for any goods that are not currently in stock.

Preventative Care for Waterproofing

We provide preventative waterproofing service because maintaining water-tightness requires regular maintenance, such as replacing worn gaskets and sealing components, and applying grease.

Complete Watch Overhaul

J.C.’s Jewelry offers watch restoration services in which the watch is taken apart, cleaned, reassembled, and the timing is improved in order to return it to its original factory standards and extend its life. Mechanical watches need to be serviced every three to five years, depending on the brand.