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The J.C.’s Jewelry & Repair Family Story

About Us
In 1998, J.C.’s Jewelry & Repair opened its doors in a small corner of Northwest Plaza Mall in St. Ann, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Founded by J.C. & Debb Severs with the help of their son Ryan, they created a small local jewelry store that fostered customer confidence and loyalty. Apprenticing under his hometown mentor and long-time friend Bill Cox, J.C. started learning the bench jeweler trade at the age of 19 and then went on to graduate Trenton Jewelry School. Also beginning at the age of 19, Ryan started his bench jeweler trade with the help of J.C. and also graduated from the Trenton Jewelry School.

Ryan has blossomed his unique skillset to include Custom Design and Watch Repairs. Debb started as a part-time salesperson at the box chain stores at the age of 24 and quickly rose to top salesperson. As a veteran of managing multimillion dollar chain stores, she saw a need to improve the jewelry repair process. Major box chains had a 4–6-week completion timeframe in an off-site location and it made the customers uneasy. Together, Debb, J.C. and Ryan opened a same-day jewelry repair store that would allow jewelry repairs to take place in-house by the on-site jewelers giving the customers the peace-of-mind that they deserved.

Today J.C.’s Jewelry & Repair offers three locations; J.C.’s hometown, Hillsboro, IL which is open Wednesdays Only, The Shoppes of Cross Keyes in Florissant, MO and 105 Regency Park in O’Fallon, IL. Their locations include a full selection of fine jewelry, on-site bench jewelers, Custom Creation, and most recently laser engraving services.

When you shop at J.C.’s, you are shopping with Debb’s 40 years of jewelry experience and business connections. You are shopping with J.C.’s over 30 years of metalsmithing and stone setting experience. You are shopping with Ryan’s over 20 years of custom work and modern jewelry innovation. Together they hold a wealth of jewelry experience and you can’t beat that trifecta. We are Your Personal Hometown Jeweler.

Store History

  • In 1998, J.C.’s Jewelry & Repair first store opened in Northwest Plaza in St. Ann, Missouri offering same day, in-house jewelry repairs.
  • In 2004, the family opened its first Illinois store in St. Clair Square Mall in Fairview Heights, Illinois.
  • In 2009, J.C.’s Jewelry & Repair experienced growth in both Illinois and Missouri. The Missouri store moved from Northwest Plaza Mall to the Shoppes at Cross Keys in Florissant, Missouri – where it is still located today. The Illinois store expanded to a bigger space in St. Clair Square Mall.
  • In 2016, J.C.’s Jewelry & Repair left the space at the mall and opened a freestanding storefront in O’Fallon, Illinois – where it is still located today. The space has allowed the family to expand its Custom Department.
  • Additionally in 2016, the family opened a small store in J.C.’s hometown, Hillsboro, Illinois. J.C’s shares the Bosscotech location and is still located today. Hillsboro is open on Wednesdays only.
  • Today – J.C.’s has expanded their services by adding Full-Service Laser Engraving to include glass, metal, slate, wood and acrylic.