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IBGoodman 10k Two-tone Men’s Polished Satin and Textured 1 Carat A Quality Diamond Ring


14K Two-tone White & Rose Ruby and Diamond Flower Pendant


14k Two-tone Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo Pendant


14k Two-tone Polished Triple Circle 18in Necklace


14k Two-tone 17in w/2in Ext. Mesh Necklace


14k Two-tone Triple Layer Polished Circles Fancy Necklace


14k Two-tone Blue Topaz and Diamond 18in. Floral Bar Necklace


14K Two Tone 2 in Ext Polished Love Knots D/C Bead Necklace


14k Two-tone Heart Bar 18 inch Necklace


14k Two-tone Heart Lock and Key Necklace


14k Two-tone LOVE Moving Diamond 18in Necklace


14k Two-tone Diamond-cut Beads & Knots Necklace


14k Two-tone Polished and Textured Circles Necklace


14K Two-tone Polished Fancy Y Drop Necklace


14K Two-tone Polished Intertwined Circles w/ .25 inch ext Necklace


14k Two-tone Oval Cable with Open Flat Hearts w/ 2in ext Necklace


14K Two-Tone Adjustable Heart Drop Necklace


14K Two-tone D/C Beads w/ 2in Ext Necklace


14K Two-tone Ropa Mirror Bead W/2in Ext Necklace


14K Two Tone Polished D/C Hearts Necklace


14K Two-Tone Fancy Mirror Bead Necklace


14K Two-tone Polished D/C Beads 17in Necklace


14k Two-tone Heart in Circle Necklace


14K Two Tone Fancy Link D/C Heart in Open Circle Necklace